Posted by Brenda Johnstone on 02/18/2022

Investing as a Student: Crowdfunding Edition  

In the past, if an individual wanted to fund a project by investment, such as a property development, business or product, they would require a large amount of capital in order to be able to do this. The sourcing of this capital often meant seeking out institutional or bank financing resulting in the masses being potentially “cut out of the deal”. So, what has changed?  Well, today, we see the thriving industry that is crowdfunding, where investors of all types and sizes now have the opportunity to potentially get involved. At LEOcrowdfunding, we can potentially make investing more accessible to people, no matter what stage of their investment journey they are at. From retirees to students, we potentially provide a larger number of individuals the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio.   Before you start to invest as a student, it is important to first assess and understand your options. In this article, we will be assessing the key minimum requirements for investing in assets as a student and the possible best methods for doing so.   It is important to note that this should not be considered as financial advice, but simply an exploratory piece assessing the best approaches for potential investment.  

How to Start Your Investment Journey as a Student

Before anyone can start investing on a platform such as LEOcrowdfunding, you will first need to complete the sign-up process. It is important to understand the best practises in doing so as, much like other investment opportunities, it is vital to assess the level of appropriateness for each investor before they are permitted to invest in any crowdfunding project.   So, how is this level of appropriateness assessed?  Well, if you are interested in investing money as a student with LEOcrowdfunding, you will be required to take an Appropriateness Test, part of our ‘Investor Readiness’ process. This consists of a series of questions that you will be required to answer before you can fully register on the platform, which would in turn allow you to invest in any of the live projects currently on our site.    We recommend reading through our website to familiarise yourself with the risk involved prior to undergoing the test. It would also be particularly useful to read the Risk Warning and FAQs. This will ensure that you will understand all the questions correctly and help determine your risk appetite and affordability.   

Why Should Students Think About Investing?

The younger generation or students should consider investing for a variety of reasons. Being considered the “generation of tomorrow”, this younger generation or student body should consider investment opportunities as a way of potentially looking out for their future selves. By strategically investing funds as a student, you have the opportunity to begin building your investment portfolio, so that once you finish those all-important studies, you already have a foothold in the investment world.   For many, when they attend university, it is the first time they have access to their own source of funds, possibly through student loans, access to savings etc. This money is vital when it comes to paying bills, rent, and getting those university textbooks and supplies. However, alongside this journey to newfound independence, many also support themselves with part-time jobs, which means you could have a little extra capital sitting around. Whilst it could be tempting to spend all this money whilst you have it, potentially investing in something like crowdfunding projects could be a possible option.    

Why Should You Consider Investing as a Student with LEOcrowdfunding?

When it comes to students or anyone investing for the first time, it can be extremely daunting. Here at LEOcrowdfunding, we work on educating investors, trying to ensure that they have the tools required to understand their own investment journey. If you’re new to the investment world and are looking into crowdfunding projects as a potential ‘way in’ - look no further. At LEOcrowdfunding, our mission is to help the masses Learn while they Earn how to Own assets in the property market by leveraging the power of the crowd.   We maintain an extensive community of engaged investors, who are interested in the projects that we have on offer, and we believe in keeping our investors fully updated and informed as projects progress with monthly updates, webinars and site visits (restrictions permitting).   Bringing property investment to the masses is one of the main aims here at LEOcrowdfunding. For as little as £100, you can potentially begin investing in some of the crowdfunding projects we have live on our site now or in the future, making investing as a student more accessible than ever before.   All fees connected to our development projects are charged to the fundraisers. The Investors will pay no recurring or one-off fees other than those that may be charged by their own bank to facilitate any of their payments. This ensures that those investing as a student in the UK can choose what to invest in and know that there are no hidden costs involved.   We have brought together an experienced team of experts who are passionate about providing knowledge on the fundamentals of property investment. Our crowdfunding platform makes it possible to bring together both developers and investors in a way that is potentially beneficial for all parties involved so you can learn how to start investing as a student with ease.   At LEOcrowdfunding, we also believe in the power of crowd validation. Through the use of our online forum, students and others can ask the fundraisers direct questions regarding a project and also see what questions other potential investors have asked to help your understanding.   

So, as you start out or continue on that student journey towards the next phase of your life, why not think about taking the first step on a different journey and joining those who have already engaged with LEOcrowdfunding with a view to diversifying their investment portfolios.  Who knows where it will take you!   Investment in property related assets comes with risk, as well as the possibility of rewards.  Please read the full risk warning at before deciding to invest.