Crowdfunding & Your Investment Portfolio
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Posted by Brenda Johnstone on 12/01/2022
How could Crowdfunding potentially benefit your investment portfolio?  The property sector is one of the largest growth sectors in the crowdfunding industry and Crowdfunding often provides investment opportunities to groups of less seasoned, less experienced investors or those with limited capital. There are several ways in which crowdfunding could potentially help your investment on to find out more...
Is Equity Crowdfunding a Good Investment?
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Posted by Brenda Johnstone on 07/20/2022
With new ventures such as crowdfunding revolutionising the investment sector, investing can be seen as a more approachable and accessible option for many and not just those 'in the know' .    With equity crowdfunding you could possibly diversify your investments and build your investment portfolio.  In this article we’ll be looking at equity crowdfunding in depth to see if it's a potential investment option suited to you.  
The 6 Steps to Raising Funding Legally
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Posted by Brenda Johnstone on 05/05/2022

Crowdfunding for a project in its basest terms means raising the funds required from a number of people.  With equity crowdfunding, a fundraiser launches a fundraising campaign, outlining how much they are trying to raise, and showcasing the details of the project. However, there are several problems that fundraisers could run into on their property journey. When faced with all these issues, what’s a fundraiser to do?
5 Considerations When Potentially Building Wealth
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Posted by Brenda Johnstone on 03/10/2022
When looking to potentially build your wealth, it is important to research and assess your options, as there are a number of various approaches to potentially diversifying your portfolio through investing. In this article, we explore the core fundamentals which should be considered when you are looking to invest in property: Crowdfunding, The Costs Involved, Knowledge & Understanding, Appropriateness and Diversifying Your Portfolio.  Read on to find out more...
Investing as a Student: Crowdfunding Edition
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Posted by Brenda Johnstone on 02/18/2022
In the past, if an individual wanted to fund a project by investment, such as a property development, business or product, they would require a large amount of capital in order to be able to do this. The sourcing of this capital often meant seeking out institutional or bank financing resulting in the masses being potentially “cut out of the deal”.

So, what has changed?
How Has Crowdfunding Changed the Investing Landscape?
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Posted by Tony Alner on 01/14/2022
This blog examines how crowdfunding has changed the investment landscape from both the developers and investors point of view. Here at LEOcrowdfunding, we believe that crowdfunding is changing the way that businesses raise finance as well as revolutionising the way that people are able to invest in property. Our crowdfunding platform makes it possible to bring together both developers and investors in a way that is potentially beneficial for all parties involved.
How You Could Potentially Retire Comfortably Through Equity Investment
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Posted by Tony Alner on 02/04/2022
Many people get into the world of investment because they are looking for a potential way to ensure that their future is as comfortable as possible. Putting away a certain amount every month is, of course, one of the most crucial aspects of retirement planning, as well as ensuring that your place of employment offers some sort of retirement scheme that you can get on board with.  But are there alternative investment opportunities to expand and potentially exceed your goals?
Can You Invest in Property With Under £5,000?
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Posted by Tony Alner on 02/04/2022
The simple answer to this question is: yes! Here at LEOcrowdfunding you can invest for as little as £100. This makes investing more accessible to everyone and gives more individuals a chance to grow their investment portfolio. We believe that Crowdfunding is changing the way businesses raise finance and revolutionising the way people invest in property.
5 Reasons To Consider Investing With LEOcrowdfunding
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Posted by Tony Alner on 12/24/2021
With many crowdfunding platforms present, we have put this article together to discuss what we consider as some of the main unique aspects and elements that comes with investing with LEOcrowdfunding. 
An Introduction to Equity Investment
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Posted by Tony Alner on 12/20/2021
For new investors, the equity market can be both exciting and daunting. Here at LEOcrowdfunding, we believe in educating new investors and giving them the tools to increase their knowledge surrounding equity investment. In this article, we will be looking at the beginning steps of an investment journey and how you can get started
What is Crowdfunding and How Does It Work?
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Posted by Tony Alner on 12/14/2021
‘Crowdfunding’ is another route that is becoming increasingly popular. In the late 2000s the idea of crowdfunding became a more viable alternative to many. The concept of obtaining funding from a large group of people provides crowd validation, investor confidence, potentially faster funding and a chance to build relationships and a community with the same vision.
How To Begin Investing With LEOcrowdfunding
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Posted by Tony Alner on 12/29/2021
Here at LEOcrowdfunding, our mission is to help the masses learn while they earn how to own assets in the property market by leveraging the power of the crowd.

In this article, we will be looking at how to navigate the LEOcrowdfunding site, what the Investor Readiness test will prepare you for, what to do once you’ve signed up to our platform and things to consider whilst registering with us. 
CROWDFUNDING - The Alternative Finance Revolution
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Posted by David Johnstone Managing Director of LEOpropcrowd on 02/18/2019
Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, tribe building… just some of the terms that are becoming everyday language in the business world today, but 15 years ago, these terms did not exist!  So what has brought about this new vocabulary?  Answer ….An alternative finance revolution!
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Posted by David Johnstone on 02/11/2021
"Whatever changes come in 2021 I believe property crowdfunding will grow as market sector and become the new norm for property investment."
Tribe Building For Developers
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Posted by Jeff Spires, Marketing Executive at on 02/18/2019
If you’re looking for investment for your next property development project, then crowdfunding is a very powerful strategy that not only allows you to get access to the funds that you need but will also give you an ongoing access to a community of loyal investors. 

Time Poor, Cash Rich?
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Posted by John Corey, Property Fortress Owner & Real Estate Investor and Crowdfunding Expert on 02/18/2019
Even if you are not 'cash rich,' most professionals or entrepreneurs are short on time. Even when the job is not that demanding, family commitments can soak up the remaining hours. If you want to get started with investing in property, it can be a real mountain to climb. What if it could be more straightforward and low cost to start?