Posted by Tony Alner on 12/24/2021
When you start looking at your investment journey, it’s important to consider all of your options. Investing in crowdfunding projects can potentially help you in diversifying your portfolio and putting more savings behind your future. Whilst crowdfunding comes with potential benefits, there are also risks that can apply. 

With many crowdfunding platforms present, we have put this article together to discuss what we consider as some of the main unique aspects and elements that comes with investing with LEOcrowdfunding. 

The whole ethos of LEOcrowdfunding is: Learn while you Earn how to Own assets in the property market.

Let it be noted, that LEOcrowdfunding does not offer financial advice and this article should not be considered as such. 

1. Educating On Investment

When it comes to investing for the first time, it can be extremely daunting. Whilst there are potential positives that come with investing capital into projects, there are also risks that can follow. Here at LEOcrowdfunding, we work on educating investors, from novice to advanced, and try to ensure that they have the tools that are required to understand their own investment journey. 

Personal circumstances come into investment and whilst we do not offer financial advice, we do make information available surrounding the positives and negatives which can come with investing capital into crowdfunding projects. For those seeking advice, we strongly urge all potential investors to seek advice from an FCA registered advisor and to do their own research.

2. Community of Engaged Investors

We have a wide-ranging community of engaged investors, which are interested in the projects that we have on offer. 

For those who are interested in engaging with a community of investors we will be working on a Learning Centre and interactive programs to facilitate this. For every project we launch on the platform, investors can see what others are asking in the ‘forum’ and potentially benefit from what is asked and how the Fundraiser answers. This form of crowd validation ensures that, as a crowd, investors have the opportunity to raise questions they may not have otherwise considered.

We also intend to grow our network in the future, to enable true interaction and engagement with professional parties, experienced investors and fundraisers.

3. Investors Portal

When you begin investing with LEOcrowdfunding, you will have access to an investor's portal, which will help you keep track of all of the money you have invested or are waiting to invest, which projects are currently live and information regarding those that have fully funded or are near completion... 

We also believe in keeping our investors fully updated and informed as projects progress with monthly updates, webinars and site visits.

Once you have completed the appropriateness test and compliance checks and begin considering investment into the projects that interest you, you will be granted full access. 

4. Bringing Property Investment To The Masses

Bringing property investment to the masses is one of the main aims here at LEOcrowdfunding. For as little as £100, you can potentially begin investing in some of the crowdfunding projects we have live on our site, or in the future. Crowdfunding is a new way for fundraisers to get finance for their property development projects. 

This type of Equity investment was previously only available to wealthy individuals but Crowdfunding is a way to give power back to the people and allow them to decide whether a project is worth funding and investing in. Increasingly, property developers and those with projects are turning to this contemporary method as an alternative way to finance.  Whether you are considering investing in property through crowdfunding or are seeking to raise funds for your property project, LEOcrowdfunding could have the solution for you.  

5. Investment With No Fees

All fees connected to our development projects are charged to the Fundraiser themselves. The Investors will pay no recurring or one-off fees other than those that may be charged by their own bank to facilitate any of their payments. This ensures that investors can choose what to invest in and know that there are no hidden costs involved.

With our team here at LEOcrowdfunding, we are happy to answer questions you have surrounding anything on our website. We host a range of crowdfunding projects with increasing frequency. If you want to know more, feel free to connect with us through the contact form on our website.