Please note that LEOcrowdfunding have ceased all FCA regulated activity with immediate effect. A business decision was taken to concentrate on services in support of property developers and fundraisers in the crowdfunding marketplace.

LEOcrowdfunding will no longer be an Appointed Representative of ShareIn Ltd, who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (603332). The existing platform will remain in place until 25/11/2023 to allow you to access your account and withdraw any cash balance you may have in your wallet. Please ensure you have all the information you need from your account by this date.

Please be assured that all current investments remain valid - as investments come to an end, any resultant returns and any return of capital will be made directly to you by the fundraisers.

We understand that you may have some questions or concerns and so we’ve included some frequently asked questions in an FAQ available below. However, if your query or concern is not covered then please get in touch as follows:

Questions about a current investment: please contact the fundraiser directly. If you are unsure of how to do this, we will be sharing their contact details with you in the coming days.

For any other queries related to accessing your portfolio or cash balances, please contact [email protected]

I have investments on the platform, can I get my money back?

All current investments made via the LEOcrowdfunding platform remain valid and will continue under the terms set out when you invested. Fundraisers will ensure payments will continue to be paid, as appropriate, directly to you.

I have recently invested via the platform what happens next?

If you have recently invested via the platform and the investment was completed, this investment will continue under the terms set out when you invested.

If you have recently pledged and the investment has not been completed, then we will return your money to your wallet, from here you will be able to withdraw cash to your own bank account.

How will the fundraiser update me on my investments?

LEOcrowdfunding will no longer be able facilitate the delivery of fundraisers updates via the platform. Going forward, the fundraiser will contact you directly with any investment updates. Your investments will continue under the same terms set out when you invested.

I’ve got money in my wallet on the platform, what do I do?

You are able to withdraw all money from your LEOcrowdfunding wallet:

  • Log in to your account
  • Visit your portfolio
  • If you already have a bank account attached to your account, simply withdraw money.
  • If you do not have a bank account attached, please add this using the link on the left-hand side of your portfolio. Please note the bank account must be in your personal name if you are registered as an individual, or in your business name if you invest as a business. You can then withdraw your money.

Can I still invest with LEOcrowdfunding?

LEOcrowdfunding will no longer be undertaking any FCA regulated investment activity. We intend to continue to be active in the crowdfunding market by providing education and services to fundraisers. You can visit our new website here

How do I close my account with LEOcrowdfunding?

We have a regulatory requirement to maintain investor records for 7 years.

If you do not have a live account (i.e. current investments or money in your wallets) and have not subscribed to receive communication from us, we will not be in touch with you again regarding any regulatory investment activity.

How do I make a complaint?

We want to ensure you are not negatively impacted by this change but sometimes things go wrong.

If you wish to make a complaint in relation to our customer service please email us at [email protected] to tell us how we can help.

So that we can help you, we will need to know:

  • Your personal details
  • What's gone wrong and
  • What you want us to do to put things right

We'll be in touch with you as soon as we can and let you know what will happen next. We'll try to resolve your complaint within three working days of receipt. If we’re unable to do this, we will write to you acknowledging that we have received your complaint and the next steps that will be taken.

For more complex issues it's likely that we will need longer to look into what's happened and we may ask you for further information to help us reach a positive outcome. We'll give you regular updates.

If you wish to make a complaint in relation to any regulated activity undertaken by LEOcrowdfunding between 24th September 2018 and 21st September 2023, please contact our former regulatory Principal, Share In Ltd (“ShareIn”) (FRN 603332). ShareIn’s complaints handling process and contact details can be found here: